Doctoral Forum Accepted Papers


[30 June, 11:00-12:30; Room: Retratos] Session 1 (10 minutes per talk) (Session Chair: Homa Alemzadeh (Univ. of Virginia) and Amy Babay (Univ. of Pittsburgh))

Tailoring and Verification of the Trust Boundaries in a Heterogeneous TEE Landscape
Anna Galanou

Enhancing IoT Security and Privacy with Trusted Execution Environments and Machine Learning
Peterson Yuhala

Advancing Blockchain Security: from Vulnerability Detection to Transaction Revocation
Fernando Richter Vidal, Naghmeh Ivaki and Nuno Laranjeiro

Towards PHP Vulnerability Detection at IL Level
Paulo Antunes, Ibéria Medeiros and Nuno Neves

A Workflow for Distributed and Resilient Attack Graph Generation
Alessandro Palma and Silvia Bonomi

Automating Vulnerability Management in the Software Development Lifecycle
Horácio França, César Teixeira and Nuno Laranjeiro

Techniques and Tools for Runtime Security Monitoring and Detecting of Microservices
Jessica Castro, Nuno Laranjeiro and Marco Vieira

Multi-Consistency Transactional Support for Function-as-a-Service
Rafael Soares and Luis Rodrigues

Rich and Expressive Specification of Learning-enabled Cyber-physical Systems
Thomas Flinkow, Barak A. Pearlmutter and Rosemary Monahan

[30 June, 11:00-12:30; Room: Retratos] Session 2 (10 minutes per talk, 30 minutes AMA) (Session Chair: Homa Alemzadeh (Univ. of Virginia) and Amy Babay (Univ. of Pittsburgh))

AutoLock: Automatic Design of Logic Locking with Evolutionary Computation
Zeng Wang, Lilas Alrahis, Dominik Sisejkovic and Ozgur Sinanoglu

Exploring the Environmental Benefits of In-Process Isolation for Software Resilience
Merve Gulmez, Thomas Nyman, Christoph Baumann and Jan Tobias Muelberg

Secure Compiler Framework to Design Fault Attack Resistant Software
K Keerthi and Chester Rebeiro

Beyond Detection: Securing Robotic Vehicles
Pritam Dash

Towards Transient Fault Mitigation Techniques Optimized for Compressed Neural Networks
Alessio Colucci

Bayesian Network Reliability Modeling for Three-version Machine Learning Systems
Qiang Wen and Fumio Machida

Ask Me Anything Panel (panelists to be announced)