Industry Track Program


[28 June, 14:30-16:00; Room: Retratos] IT-1: Networking (Session Chair: Nuno Silva, Critical Software; email:

HIRN: A Hierarchical Intent Refinement Approach for Dependable Network Slicing with Multi-path Resource Allocation
Zhixian Chu, Lingqi Guo, Jingyu Wang, Qi Qi, Zirui Zhuang, Haifeng Sun and Cheng Zhou

Data Shower in Electronics Manufacturing: Measuring Wi-Fi 4, Wi-Fi 6, and 5G SA behavior in production assembly lines
Catello Di Martino, Gabriel Fre and Bilgehan Erman

[28 June, 16:30-18:00; Room: Retratos] IT-2: Memory and Storage (Session Chair: Domenico Cotroneo, Univ. of Naples Federico II; email:

Hard Disk Drive Failure Analysis and Prediction: An Industry View
Zach Miller, Olusiji Medaiyese, Madhavan Ravi, Alex Beatty and Fred Lin

ACE: Analog Cell Emulator for Dependability Study of NAND Flash Memory
Jeoungwon Lee, Heekwon Park, Gunhee Choi, Jaedong Lee, Bryan S. Kim, Seehwan Yoo and Jongmoo Choi

EXPERT: Exploiting DRAM Failure Types to Improve the Effective Forecasting Coverage in the Field
Xiangjun Peng, Zheng Huang, Alex Cantrell, Bi Hua Shu, Ke Ke Xie, Yi Li, Yu Li, Li Jiang, Qiang Xu and Ming-Chang Yang

[29 June, 14:00-15:30; Room: Retratos] IT-3: Testing (Session Chair: Magnus Albert, SICK AG; email:

An Integrated Runtime Verification and Simulation Testbed for UAM Hazard Assessment
Alexander Will, Aidan Collins, Robert Grizzard, Smitha Gautham, Patrick Martin, Carl Elks and Evan Dill

Towards Automated Generation of Smart Grid Cyber Range for Cybersecurity Experiments and Training
Daisuke Mashima, S. Muhammad Musthafa Roomi, Bennet Ng, Zbigniew Kalberczyk, Suhail Hussain and Ee-Chien Chang

Large-Scale Application of Fault Injection into PyTorch Models - an Extension to PyTorchFI for Validation Efficiency
Ralf Gräfe, Qutub Syed Sha, Florian Geissler and Michael Paulitsch

[29 June, 16:00-17:30; Room: Retratos] IT-4: Security and Error Resiliency (Session Chair: Cristian Constantinescu, AMD; email:

Characterization and exploration of latch checkers for efficient RAS protection
Karthik Swaminathan, Ramon Bertran, Doug Balazich, Alper Buyuktosunoglu, Arvind Haran, Sean Carey, Karl Anderson, Hans Jacobson, Matthias Pflanz and Pradip Bose

IEEE 802.1AS Multi-Domain Aggregation for Virtualized Distributed Real-Time Systems
Jan Ruh, Wilfried Steiner and Gerhard Fohler

ECHAIN: Securing Electronic Device Provenance through Privacy-Preserving Consortium Blockchains
Abdullah Al-Mamun and Dongfang Zhao