Research Track Program


[28 June, 11:00-12:30; Room: Hall Árabe] RT-1: Best Paper Session (Session Chair: Onur Mutlu (ETHZ) and Xavier Defago (Tokyo Tech))

SHATTER: Control and Defense-Aware Attack Analytics for Activity-Driven Smart Home Systems (REG)
N. Haque; M. Ngouen; M. Rahman; S. Uluagac; L. Njilla

SecDDR: Enabling Low-Cost Secure Memories by Protecting the DDR Interface (REG)
A. Fakhrzadehgan; P. Ramrakhyani; M. Qureshi; M. Erez

Devils in Your Apps: Vulnerabilities and User Privacy Exposure in Mobile Notification Systems (REG)
J. Lou; X. Zhang; Y. Zhang; X. Li; X. Yuan; N. Zhang

[28 June, 14:30-16:00; Room: Hall Árabe] RT-2: Vehicles (Session Chair: Siva Kumar Sastry Hari (NVIDIA Corp.))

Breaking Geographic Routing Among Connected Vehicles (REG)
Z. Liu; S. Shekhar; C. Peng

NPTSN: RL-Based Network Planning with Guaranteed Reliability for In-Vehicle TSSDN (REG)
W. Kong; M. Nabi; K. Goossens

Get Your Cyber-Physical Tests Done! Data-Driven Vulnerability Assessment of Robotic Vehicles (REG)
A. Ding; M. Chan; A. Hassanzadeh; N. Tippenhauer; S. Ma; S. Zonouz

[28 June, 14:30-16:00; Room: Assembleias Gerais] RT-3: Memory 1 (Session Chair: Mattan Erez (UT Austin))

Compiler-Implemented Differential Checksums: Effective Detection and Correction of Transient and Permanent Memory Errors (REG)
C. Borchert; H. Schirmeier; O. Spinczyk

PT-Guard: Integrity-Protected Page Tables to Defend Against Breakthrough Rowhammer Attacks (REG)
A. Saxena; G. Saileshwar; J. Juffinger; A. Kogler; D. Gruss; M. Qureshi

Don’t Knock! Rowhammer at the Backdoor of DNN Models (REG)
M. Tol; S. Islam; A. Adiletta; B. Sunar; Z. Zhang

[28 June, 16:30-18:00; Room: Hall Árabe] RT-4: Blockchain & Replication (Session Chair: Alysson Bessani (ULisboa))

Micro Replication – Improving the Debuggability of State-Machine Replication Protocols (REG)
T. Distler; M. Eischer; L. Lawniczak

Heron: Scalable State Machine Replication on Shared Memory (REG)
F. Pedone; M. Eslahi; L. Le

Analyzing the Performance of the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (REG)
J. Chervinski; J. Yu; D. Kreutz; X. Xu

[28 June, 16:30-18:00; Room: Assembleias Gerais] RT-5: Software Security (Session Chair: Miguel Correia (ULisboa))

MalAder: Decision-Based Black-Box Attack Against API Sequence Based Malware Detectors (REG)
X. Chen; L. Cui; H. Wen; Z. Li; H. Zhu; Z. Hao; L. Sun

Tabby: Automated Gadget Chain Detection for Java Deserialization Vulnerabilities (REG)
X. Chen; B. Wang; Y. Feng; X. Li; Z. Jin; X. Feng; Q. Liu

TagClass: A Tool for Extracting Class-determined Tags from Massive Malware Labels via Incremental Parsing (TAR)
Y. Jiang; G. Li; S. Li

[29 June, 11:00-12:30; Room: Hall Árabe] RT-6: Memory 2 (Session Chair: Giray Yaglikci (ETHZ))

Āpta: Fault-tolerant object-granular CXL disaggregated memory for accelerating FaaS (REG)
A. Patil; V. Nagarajan; N. Nikoleris; N. Oswald

HiMFP: Hierarchical Intelligent Memory Failure Prediction for Cloud Service Reliability (REG)
Q. Yu; W. Zhang; S. Haeri; P. Notaro; J. Cardoso; O. Kao

SGX Switchless Calls Made Configless (PER)
P. Yuhala; M. Paper; T. Zerbib; P. Felber; V. Schiavoni; A. Tchana

[29 June, 11:00-12:30; Room: Assembleias Gerais] RT-7: Network Security & Privacy (Session Chair: Marc Dacier (KAUST))

Poisoning Online Learning Filters by Shifting on the Move (REG)
W. Tann; E. Chang

YODA: Covert Communication Channel over Public DNS Resolvers (PER)
S. Saha; S. Karapoola; C. Rebeiro; K. Veezhinathan

Targeted Privacy Attacks by Fingerprinting Mobile Apps in LTE Radio Layer (REG)
J. Baek; P. Soundrapandian; S. Kyung; R. Wang; Y. Shoshitaishvili; A. Doupe; T. Bao; G. Ahn

[29 June, 14:00-15:30; Room: Hall Árabe] RT-8: Machine Learning (Session Chair: Michael Lyu (Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong))

Fabricated Flips: Poisoning Federated Learning without Data (REG)
J. Huang; Z. ZHAO; L. Chen; S. Roos

Fortifying Federated Learning against Membership Inference Attacks via Client-level Input Perturbation (REG)
Y. Yang; H. Yuan; B. Hui; N. Gong; N. Fendley; P. Burlina; Y. Cao

ReFace: Adversarial Transformation Networks for Real-time Attacks on Face Recognition Systems (REG)
S. Hussain; T. Huster; C. Mesterharm; P. Neekhara; F. Koushanfar

[29 June, 14:00-15:30; Room: Assembleias Gerais] RT-9: Obfuscation (Session Chair: Naohiro Hayashibara (Kyoto Sangyo Univ.))

Exploiting Code Reuse Attacks from Obfuscated Programs (REG)
N. Zhang; D. Alden; D. Xu; S. Wang; T. Jaeger; W. Ruml

TransAST: A Machine Translation-Based Approach for Obfuscated Malicious JavaScript Detection (REG)
Y. Qin; W. Wang; Z. Chen; S. Zhang

JSRevealer: A Robust Malicious JavaScript Detector against Obfuscation (REG)
K. Ren; W. Qiang; Y. Wu; Y. Zhou; D. Zou; H. Jin

[29 June, 16:00-17:30; Room: Hall Árabe] RT-10: Cyberphysical Systems (Session Chair: Razvan Beuran (JAIST))

Detection of e-Mobility-based Attacks on the Power Grid (REG)
D. Kern; C. Krauß

SwarmFuzz: Discovering GPS Spoofing Attacks in Drone Swarms (PER)
Y. Yao; P. Dash; K. Pattabiraman

DNAttest: Digital-twin-based Non-intrusive Attestation under Transient Uncertainty (REG)
l. wei; H. Tan; B. Chen; F. Zhang

[29 June, 16:00-17:30; Room: Assembleias Gerais] RT-11: Virtualization (Session Chair: Horst Schirmeier (TU Dresden))

IRIS: a Record and Replay Framework to Enable Hardware-assisted Virtualization Fuzzing (REG)
C. Cesarano; M. Cinque; D. Cotroneo; L. De Simone; G. Farina

Rewind & Discard: Improving Software Resilience using Isolated Domains (REG)
M. Gülmez; T. Nyman; C. Baumann; J. Mühlberg

Intrusion Injection for Virtualized Systems: Concepts and Approach (REG)
C. Gonçalves; N. Antunes; M. Vieira

[30 June, 11:00-12:30; Room: Hall Árabe] RT-12: Web Security (Session Chair: Elias Duarte (Federal Univ. of Parana))

vWitness: Certifying Web Page Interactions with Computer Vision (REG)
H. Shuang; L. Zhao; D. Lie

Does TLS Provide Any Privacy Anymore? Adaptive Webpage Inference from TLS traces (REG)
V. Mavroudis; J. Hayes

IDTracker:Discovering Illegal Campaigns via Third-party Service ID (REG)
C. wang; Z. Li; J. Yin; Z. Liu; Z. Zhang; Q. Liu

[30 June, 11:00-12:30; Room: Assembleias Gerais] RT-13: Mobile Systems & IoT (Session Chair: Antonio Casimiro (ULisboa))

Practical Experience: Creating a Large-scale Memory Error IoT Botnet Using NS3DockerEmulator (PER)
I. Obaidat; B. Kahn; F. Hosseinabadi; M. Sridhar

DARPA: Combating Asymmetric Dark UI Patterns on Android with Run-time View Decorator (REG)
Z. Cai; Y. Nan; X. Wang; M. Long; Q. Ou; M. Yang; Z. Zheng

IoT Anomaly Detection Via Device Interaction Graph (REG)
J. Wang; Z. Li; M. Sun; B. Yuan; J. Lui

[30 June, 11:00-12:30; Room: Dourada] RT-14: Potpourri (Session Chair: Katinka Wolter (Freie Univ. Berlin))

Time Machine: Generative Real-Time Model For Failure (and Lead Time) Prediction in HPC Systems (REG)
K. Alharthi; A. Jhumka; S. Di; L. Gui; F. Cappello; S. McIntosh-Smith

How Different are the Cloud Workloads? Characterizing Large-Scale Private and Public Cloud Workloads (PER)
X. Qin; M. Ma; Y. Zhao; J. Zhang; C. Du; Y. Liu; A. Parayil; C. Bansal; S. Rajmohan; Í. Goiri; E. Cortez; S. Qin; Q. Lin; D. Zhang

On Adversarial Robustness of Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation (REG)
J. Xu; Z. Zhou; B. Feng; Y. Ding; Z. Li

[30 June, 14:00-15:30; Room: Hall Árabe] RT-15: System Analysis & Modelling (Session Chair: Bojan Cukic (Univ. North Carolina at Charlotte))

Cost-damage analysis of attack trees (REG)
M. Lopuhaä-Zwakenberg; M. Stoelinga

PASTA: Pragmatic Automated System-Theoretic Process Analysis (TAR)
J. Petzold; J. Kreiß; R. von Hanxleden

Faster Asynchronous Distributed Key Generation from Weaker Assumption and Standard Model (REG)
H. Zhang; S. Duan; C. Liu; B. Zhao; X. Meng; S. Liu; Y. Yu; F. Zhang; L. Zhu

[30 June, 14:00-15:30; Room: Assembleias Gerais] RT-16: Smart Home (Session Chair: Saurabh Bagchi (Purdue Univ.))

VoiceGuard: An Effective and Practical Approach for Detecting and Blocking Unauthorized Voice Commands to Smart Speakers (REG)
X. Xu; C. Fu; X. Du; E. Ratazzi

Speaker Orientation-Aware Privacy Control to Thwart Misactivation of Voice Assistants (REG)
S. Zhang; A. Sabir; A. Das